Brand & Concept

BANANA Leaf is My Leaf, My Shelter, My Host, My Plate, My Food, This is an “all-in-one leaf!”

The Logo

Logo - BANANA Leaf Cafe, Melanesia

Logo – BANANA Leaf Cafe, Melanesia


  • A cup of Coffee contains a million of inspiration
  • The Bird of “Paradise” is from the Isle of New Guinea, and the people of New Guinea are the automatically the people of Paradise.
  • BANANA/ Plantein and BANANA Leaf is a multi-purpose leaf, multi-function leaf for all human beings in the world


BANANA Leaf = an “all-in-one leaf!
“My Cover, My Shelter, My Host, My Plate, My Cup, My Food & Vegetables!”

General Spirit

  • Let the World Enjoy the Melanesian “Wantok System” at Work in our business life that enrich our life spiritually, mentally and physically.


  • A financially profitable multi-brand, multi-purpose “Melanesian Bio-Culturally Literate and IT-Based” Company


  • To develop and nurture a modern Melanesian bio-culturally literate economic system in South Pacific Region.
  • To progressively embrace and adopt cutting-edge internet technology: i.e., e-commerce and Mobile Apps in running our businesses to increase our profits from time to time


  • Develop local economy utilizing existing tribal systems (wantok systems)
  • Develop a network of local business entities that are complementing each other in products and business activities
  • Develop local business that are well-connected to global market utilizing latest internet and mobile technology
  • To promote modern business entities and activities based on existing local Melanesian values and social systems (customs & wantok system)
  • To get connected and doing business without borders with each other among Melanesians in the South Pacific region and with markets around the world.


  • Melanesians buy and sell products from our own houses, gardens, villages and islands
  • Melanesians become literate and get used to e-commerce, online and mobile payment, as well as online and mobile order and delivery systems,
  • Melanesians get used to e-money to promote cash-less economy.
  • Melanesians and other humans in the world get cured, become physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy and mature through Melanesian Approach of Holistic Healing

A Multi Brand, Multi-Purpose Company

BANANALeaf.café is a multi-brand, multi-purpose / multi-function café, the Café for various needs:

  1. Business Incubation and Financing Café of Universal Healing Melanesia (UHM)
  2. Healthy Life and Healthy Living Café;
  3. Domain Registration and Website Hosting Café;
  4. Papua Coffee Café;
  5. Papua Foods Café;
  6. Airfare Ticketing and Online Business Café;
  7. Short Courses and Career Development Café

BANANALeaf.Café cooks the activities, and serve the products to various parties in need.